Sugar Sweet

by Josh Valentine

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(This album includes the NSFW version of album art as a bonus item.)


Happy Valentine's Day!


=Who is Josh Valentine?

⊙Gender : Intersex
⊙Species : Clonian
⊙Height : 170cm
⊙Wheight : 69kg
⊙Favorite : Hot chocolate, Color Pink, Violence
⊙Least Favorite : Cinnamon, Color Mint, Toothpaste

The Josh Valentine. He/She was called a devil wearing a mask of Clonian. He/She was a hunter, that killed by a hunting trap he/she had set up. But, The deer god who pitied it made the dead Josh into the Clonian.
Josh, who became a Clonian, exploded with a desire and had become an unstopable demon. A devil who comes next to his sleeping friend and licks his ears!
Quiet but sticky, he/she'll be possess everyone. Of course you too!


released February 14, 2017

☆ Album Art, Ver. NSFW by 'ButterBean'
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(Josh Valentine is an Original Character created by ButterBean/@hgdhgoi)


☆ Bonus Art 1, 2 by 'BandIT'
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